The Army on the Horizon

Just an army of dragons stalking the scent of alphabet soup.

(( I was gonna draw today.. but instead I am getting my wig styled for mah cosplay. It’s almost alllll done. I know it’s perfect because my mom reacted to how much skin was showing.

In other news… I will be opening Taoth up for asks in a post real soon so feel free to drop her an ask. I will get to it when I finish ye older asks this weekend hopefully :3 ))

gregnas-the-grouch asked: (( ☭ Yemir and Alexander, outta be a fun time. ))

(( Now to finally answer all the asks that were sent while I was away. ))

Battle intro:  The bigger they are, the harder they fall. You’re no exception.

Victory: At least you weren’t THAT easy.

Defeat: I am… impressed.

Assist: Watch your step!

Taunt: Do you often lose track of your opponent?

Reacting to Taunt: I always knew you had a big mouth.

Flee: I’ll catch you around, you’re hard to miss.

Reacting to Flee: There’s something so pleasing about watching a coward flee.

Tie: That was an exhilarating battle. We should try again sometime.

Perfect Victory: Come back when you know what you’re dealing with.

Finishing Move: You’ll regret stepping foot around here!

Anonymous asked: why? is there a sharknado headed your way??

Nah I was finished work and had to leave for a dinner. Nothing as dramatic and fun as a sharknado.

(( WELP gotta leave work. I’ll answer the last few battle things later tonight :3 ))

askteamshelds asked: ☭ For whomever you'd like (though I bet we all know which two)

(( Are we gonna make Chrono and Taoth fight D: that or I am missing the mark big time.))

Battle intro: Chrono.. I..

Victory: Chrono please stop. I can’t do this.

Defeat: If you think this is best…

Assist: Let me help!

Taunt: I thought we were friends!

Reacting to Taunt: I don’t know what to do.

Flee: Please. I need to go!

Reacting to Flee: Wait, come back!

Tie: You’ve grown so strong.

Perfect Victory: You didn’t have to let me win.

Finishing Move: I have to stop you!

askunown asked: ☭ Taoth VS Jay & O Tagteam ('cause we all know Jay can't do anything on her own XDD)

(( We all know trainers are useless without their Pokemon. ;>_> Don’t tell Shelds or Terry I said that. ))

Battle intro: Finally, we meet on level ground.

Victory: We can finally go home.

Defeat: I failed them all..

Assist: Why am I doing this?

Taunt: Where’s your illusions when you need them?

Reacting to Taunt: Could you spell it out for me?

Flee: I need to regroup.. 

Reacting to Flee: Get back here!!

Tie: Maybe… we can work this out.

Perfect Victory: Was there ever even a challenge?

Finishing Move: There is nothing hidden about my power!

askteamterry asked: Gilda vs toothy, fighting over the last piece of cake or something silly like that.

(( This has to be done! ))

Battle intro: You already had more than me!

Victory: This was well earned.

Defeat: B-but.. I’m so hungry…

Assist: We can share can’t we?

Taunt: You wont like me when I’m hungry.

Reacting to Taunt: *sniffle*

Flee: I can’t do this *cries*

Reacting to Flee: N-no come back I’m sorry!

Tie: See, there is enough for both of us.

Perfect Victory: Nothing gets between me and a good piece of cake!

Finishing Move: This is the last slice!

askteamspirit asked: Teridax VS Taoth for that meme thing

(( Yep, everyone wants to do in Taoth. ))

Battle intro: Where is the rest of the army?

Victory: That was not an easy fight.

Defeat: I’ve never felt so alone..

Assist:  Why am I doing this?

Taunt: Don’t slip on yourself!

Reacting to Taunt: Is that the best you have?

Flee: This wont end well.

Reacting to Flee: It’s best you don’t try again!

Tie: I didn’t think this would happen.

Perfect Victory: Maybe you under estimated me?

Finishing Move: Maybe this will help you think clearly!

david-the-aipom asked: ☭ Samuel and Taoth because snakes.

(( Everyone wants to fight the big pink snake. ))

Battle intro: I’ve heard about you.

Victory: HAH I would expect no less.

Defeat: What sort of trickery did you use..

Assist: Does this mean we’re even?

Taunt: Learn how to move less like a log.

Reacting to Taunt: I’ve heard worse.

Flee: I can’t believe it came to this.

Reacting to Flee: Hahaha

Tie: I’m ready for a re-match.

Perfect Victory: What did you think would happen?

Finishing Move: Just TRY dodging this!

askthevictorypokemon asked: ☭ Taoth fights Oswald! TO THE DEATH


Battle intro: Oswald.. Of everyone else I have to face you..

Victory: I’m… sorry..

Defeat: This is it. I suppose I deserve it..

Assist: I got your back!

Taunt: The war has made you go senile.

Reacting to Taunt: I have heard your daughter say more clever things.

Flee: I can’t die here!

Reacting to Flee: It’s better this way.

Tie: We both win, let’s stop this nonsense..

Perfect Victory: You let me win.

Finishing Move: You left me no choice!

dawn-silver-wing asked: taoth vs.. DEMON NAEVE HAHAHFGHEGUEGRFE jk that sop vs naeve

Battle intro: W-what, you again?

Victory: This is what happens when you continue to pester me.

Defeat: I almost expected this..

Assist: Allow me.

Taunt: You only wish it were so easy.

Reacting to Taunt: I’ve never heard you say something like that before..

Flee: I’m sure we will see each other again!

Reacting to Flee: Where do you think you’re going?

Tie: I wonder how this happened?

Perfect Victory: Oh please, were you even trying?

Finishing Move: You’re about to get slammed!

ask-team-illusion asked: ☭ Taoth vs. Allie

Battle intro: I don’t know why you are even trying..

Victory: You should have seen this coming.

Defeat: This isn’t possible!

Assist: Don’t let your size get you down.

Taunt: Childs play..

Reacting to Taunt: All bark and no bite.

Flee: I have more important matters to deal with.

Reacting to Flee: I’ll let you go for now.

Tie: You wish you could call this a victory!

Perfect Victory: Hah, you’re lucky I made the choice long ago not to kill.

Finishing Move: This is what you came for!

askbohemiancompany asked: ☭ Nolan vs Lenox or Gwen(Just a mutual spar)

(( Lets do Lenox ))

Battle intro: Why do I always get stuck in these situations..

Victory: I.. actually won?

Defeat: I knew this would happen!

Assist: Hang on, Support is what I do best!

Taunt: Are you just afraid of these good looks?

Reacting to Taunt: Words hurt you know. 

Flee: I’m not ready for this!

Reacting to Flee: Something about this doesn’t feel right…

Tie: Ah… you would have won if we stuck it out a little longer..

Perfect Victory: How? What? Did my training finally pay off?

Finishing Move: I’ll end this here!