The Army on the Horizon

You might be wondering what this place is. Well I will have you know that information is classified. If you want to know more about any of us, you will have to ask nicely.


-cough- I don’t think I’m gonna be on anybody’s tumblr crushes cause I’ve done nothing but 1 drawn ask and a bunch of text rps this last week.

On a lighter note, KAIKETSU ZUBATTO! I started watching Kaiketsu Zubat and it’s really fun so far~

But you will always be there.

haunter-answers asked: Yoooo, gurrrrl! That there electric rat is Taco's biatch! Do I have to take my belt off and lay the smack down on ya?


Anonymous asked: RAI X MEERIN OTP


(( Listen listen, if we’re getting involved. Lugi is in on it too. ))

Anonymous asked: Looks like the ship is on, guys!

(( uh oh, But I’m taken by askunown ))

(( YOU MY NEW BESTIE, Sorry Bagel ;>_> ))

(( YOU MY NEW BESTIE, Sorry Bagel ;>_> ))

negativenox asked: (( 11- Any brothers or sisters? ))

(( I have 4 brothers, no sisters. 2 step brothers *older* 1 full brother *older* 1 half brother *younger*  ))



Taoth is a tough mod name to go by. ‘Cuz Taoth is a character as well. So just call me meerin. After all that is my mod blog, my deviantart, my Xbox live, My steam, my email…. my pride and joy. The baddest most amazing dragon to have ever been spawned from my brain. And I have been called it so many times, I would actually respond to it being called out in public. 

So go ahead, Call me Jen, Jenn, or Meerin. I like that :3

Anonymous asked: 10

(( you’re going to be bored at this. I don’t drink alcoholic drinks. So I would have to say Pepsi Lime! or.. Vanilla Coke. ))

askshinyvulpix asked: 14: How do you inspire yourself to draw?

(( Music and video games! Without music I would never get anything done! Well my blog stuff I can usually pump out while listening to game grumps or lets play. But my heavier stuff takes tunes. ))